Singapore to incorporate health information bill next year

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The Health Information Act will be introduced next year, Dr Janil Puthucheary,  Senior Minister of State for the Ministry of Communications and Information and Health, announced on Wednesday (Oct 5) at a conference organised by the Duke-NUS Medical School Centre for Excellence in Management. He revealed that the Ministry of Health has started discussions with stakeholders on key policies in the bill.

"We are introducing the Health Information Bill in 2023 to support care continuity by facilitating proactive data sharing between healthcare providers. MoH is already in the midst of engaging stakeholders on key policies under the Bill. We intend to seek further feedback from the public later this year. The views shared during these consultations will help us to refine key policies and regulatory processes under the bill", said Dr Puthucheary.

He further added that by learning from the successes experienced in other countries, Singapore will be able to refine its strategy to improve its healthcare system for all Singaporeans.

The Ministry of Health (MoH) has presented a White Paper on Healthier SG strategy in Parliament.  In the paper, increased focus on preventive health has been outlined, with an emphasis on empowering individuals to choose health for themselves. The government will help them, working with their local family doctor to engage individuals on improving their health and how community partners such as the People’s Association, Health Promotion Board and Sport Singapore will support them. The paper is currently being debated in Parliament, and if passed, will be launched in 2023.

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