Singapore takes nuclear safety research to the next level

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Mar 03, 2024, 12:00 PM


Mar 03, 2024, 12:00 PM

SINGAPORE -  In a signal that Singapore could be serious about harnessing nuclear as a clean energy source, more resources are being pumped into nuclear technology and safety research, and training the best minds in the field.

A new multi-million dollar research building at the National University of Singapore will house about 100 researchers looking at everything from the latest in small modular reactors, which can be scaled up like Lego bricks, to how radioactive materials can disperse if there is an accident.

Said Professor Chung Keng Yeow, director of the Singapore Nuclear Research and Safety Initiative : “We must have enough local talent, manpower, and an in-depth understanding of nuclear safety before Singapore can make a concrete decision on whether to deploy nuclear energy to green our energy mix.”

To that end, his institute will continue to build capacity in areas ranging from the safety of nuclear reactors to radiobiology (health impacts of radiation on human beings) and radiochemistry, which involves rapidly detecting any elevated level of radioactivity above what is naturally-occurring in the environment radioactive materials. 

A major focus is on nuclear safety – including preventing and mitigating potential accidents, and protecting people and the environment from radiation hazards.  

There are also plans to hold public talks to educate people on the centre’s work, and to dispel any fears and misconceptions on nuclear safety.

Last year, the Nanyang Technological University announced a n...

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