Singapore singer Huang Yida takes part in second season of Call Me By Fire

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BEIJING - Singapore singer Huang Yida will be one of the 32 celebrity contestants appearing on the second season of Chinese reality show Call Me By Fire.

Huang, 43, would be up against Taiwanese artistes such as Will Pan, Richie Jen, Alec Su, Talu Wang and Kenji Wu. Also in the show are Taiwanese-American singer-actor Van Ness Wu, formerly from F4, and Thai-Chinese singer-actor Mike Angelo.

The line-up was unveiled on Wednesday night.

Call Me By Fire is the male version of hit Chinese reality show Sisters Who Make Waves, who had just ended its third season on Aug 5.

Singaporean singer Huang has had a lower profile in recent years.

He first came into prominence in Taiwan in 2004 and is known for songs such as That Girl Said To Me, Blue Sky and My Anonymous Babe. But he vanished from the scene for about six months in 2008 and went for two-week stint as a monk in 2009.

Huang announced his return recently on Weibo when he posted photos of him celebrating his 43rd birthday on Aug 11 and opened an account on Douyin, the Chinese version of Tiktok.

The second season of Call Me By Fire is scheduled to be aired on Mango TV every Thursday and Friday from Aug 19.

Other celebrities who will be appearing on the show are Hong Kong artistes Raymond Lam, Hawick Lau, Deric Wan, Alex To, Pakho Chau and Ron Ng.

There are also returning contestants from the first season such as Jordan Chan, Julian Cheung and Lee Seun-hyun.

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