Singapore’s Collaborative Tech-Health Initiative for Community Care

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In a heartwarming collaboration, a global high-tech company specialising in semiconductor technologies has extended a generous donation to SingHealth Community Hospitals (SCH), propelling the enhancement of SCH’s social prescribing programme.

This initiative focuses on addressing social determinants of health, recognising the impact of factors like housing, literacy, food security, social support, and access to resources on an individual’s overall well-being.

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The significant donation has facilitated the acquisition of smartphones, tablets, and monthly mobile plans for SCH’s team, enabling them to conduct digital competency lessons for elderly patients as part of the e-Social Prescribing Programme.

This is vital for fostering inclusion, enabling access to health resources, facilitating telehealth, promoting mental well-being, encouraging lifelong learning, fostering independence, facilitating programme participation, and ensuring adaptation to modern living. These lessons empower seniors to navigate the digital age, enhancing their overall health, well-being, and participation in the broader community.

The contribution also supports the production of weekly entertainment live shows under the Variety Hour programme, the development of a gardening curriculum and spaces at SCH’s rooftop garden for therapeutic reha...

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