Singapore's A*STAR, EVYD announce $8M project to support digital health collabs

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Health tech company EVYD Technology and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore's lead R&D agency, have launched a joint AI research lab focused on population health and digital health. 

At the same time, they announced a S$10 million ($7.5 million) project under the joint lab to facilitate multi-institutional, cross-border collaborations in digital health.


According to a press release, the A*STAR-EVYD Joint Lab will be applying AI to resolve industry-specific challenges for population health and digital health

For one, it seeks to encourage the adoption of healthy habits by developing a health domain data collection and wellness score, supported by behavioural science. 

The lab will also explore a health concierge service that employs large language models in a healthcare context; use remote health monitoring for early disease detection; and streamline diagnostic workflows to assist clinicians in data interpretation and diagnostic evaluation.

Moreover, it will pilot test and deploy AI-driven medical data processing and secure data technologies for validated practical applications outside laboratory settings. It will also organise workshops, seminars, or conferences to facilitate knowledge sharing among healthcare communities.


A significant undertaking of this new AI lab is a S$10 million project that aims to resolve challenges with regulations and concerns associated with inter-regional data sharing to allow multi-institutional, cross-border collaborations in digital health. To be led by A...

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