Singapore Public Holidays In 2023 – 8 Long Weekends To Plan Your Holidays In Advance

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Long weekends in Singapore 2023

You’ve heard the news – even countries like Japan and New Zealand, known for their tight border controls, are finally letting loose. Topped with the upcoming slew of public holidays and long weekends, it probably isn’t too brazen to declare 2023 a year of travel galore.

There are 6 long public holiday weekends next year, but stretch it to 8 with our long weekend guide. We’ve picked out the best places to visit for each time of the year, and sussed out when’s good to top up a few extra days of ALs for an extended holiday.

– January –

1. New Year’s Day – 3-day long weekend

Telunas or Nikoi private islands, Indonesia

PH falls on: Sunday, 1st Jan 2023 Number of ALs needed: 0

We’re off to a good start as New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday, meaning the Monday after is a default off-in-lieu. Long weekends usually spell crowds for popular nearby destinations like JB so you may want to relax in seclusion at some of our neighbouring private islands instead.

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