Singapore: Ministry of Health launches new identity for national health tech agency and priorities for healthcare ecosystem

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In brief

On 27 July 2023, the Ministry of Health announced the rebranding of Singapore’s health tech agency, formerly known as the Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS), to Synapxe.

The Ministry of Health also outlined five key priorities of Synapxe, namely: (i) national repository for patients’ medical records; (ii) system for remote healthcare; (iii) national billing system; (iv) strong cyber and data security; and (v) looking into the future and exploring possibilities, such as generative artificial intelligence (AI).


IHiS was formed by the Ministry of Health 15 years ago to improve Singapore’s health system interoperability and integration, and to derive scale and efficiencies in information technology (IT) operations. The agency supports the operations of public health institutions and partners in the community such as community hospitals, nursing homes and general practitioners.

Strategic priorities of the national health tech agency

On 27 July 2023, the Ministry of Health announced the launch of IHiS’ new identity, Synapxe. Like IHiS, Synapxe will ensure that patient medical records, data, care and medication, and healthcare subsidies and assistance can flow seamlessly throughout Singapore’s healthcare ecosystem.

With the launch of IHiS’ new identity, the Ministry of Health outlined the five key priorities of Synapxe to facilitate it in connecting and integrating Singapore’s entire healthcare ecosystem.

1. National repository for patients’ medical records

The National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) is a central digital repository of patients’ summary health records. It removes the need for patients to bring their physical records when in between clinics. This is useful in cases where a patient is admitted to a hospital for an emergency. You may read our previous newsletter discussing the compulsory use of the NEHR here.

Moving forward, Synapxe will be considering how to fully integrate patients’ data throughout the Singapore healthcare ecosystem. Certain situations may still not yet be covered by the NEHR, such as patients being unable to access private hospital tests in the NEHR.

The Ministry of Health a...

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