Singapore: Ministry of Health launches Healthcare Industry Transformation Map 2025

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In brief

On 26 July 2023, the Ministry of Health (MOH) launched the Industry Transformation Map (ITM) 2025 for healthcare. The ITM 2025 refreshes the ITM for healthcare, which was first launched in 2017.

ITM 2025 focuses on four main areas: (i) strengthening Singapore’s research and innovation ecosystem; (ii) strengthening digital system enablers; (iii) attracting and retaining healthcare workers; and (iv) strengthening partnerships.


The ITM for healthcare was first launched in 2017, under which the MOH laid out its vision to champion a healthy nation in view of the ageing population, increasing chronic disease burden, slower workforce growth and rising healthcare costs.

With the launch of the ITM 2025, the MOH has placed a stronger focus on transforming the health of Singapore’s population through innovative and sustainable strategies.

Strengthening Singapore’s research and innovation ecosystem

MOH aims to strengthen Singapore’s research and innovation ecosystem to better drive and support enhancements in health. This will be implemented through the following:

  • Revamping the Healthy 365 and HealthHub digital apps
  • Leveraging data more effectively for health research
  • Employing the national clinical translational programmes and translational platforms, which aim to accelerate clinical adoption of value-based healthcare and support health systems transformation

Strengthening digital system enablers

MOH has announced that it is working on addressing new and emerging regulatory issues in healthcare by implementing the Healthcare Services Act and introducing the Health Information Bill.

In particular, the MOH has recognised that with advancements in telemedicine and telehealth services, there is an increased push to enable access to professional quality care in non-traditional healthcare settings such as in patients’ homes and more opportunities to deliver greater customised and personalised care such as personalised health plans and precision medicine.

In response, the MOH has enhanced efforts in digitalisation and productivity, including strengthening information technology (IT) and digital system enablers and regulatory frameworks, to support the transformation of care models and approaches.

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