Singapore Health Sciences Authority: 10, including three children, reported serious side effects from illegal health products in 2022

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Star Cream (left) and Tao Ju Hui Yi Mei Li Shang Kou Hu Li Ruan Gao were among 12 products for which the Health Sciences Authoirty issued public alerts in 2022. — TODAY pic

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Monday, 20 Feb 2023 11:42 PM MYT

SINGAPORE, Feb 20 — Ten people, including three children, reported “serious adverse effects or unusually quick effects” after consuming or using adulterated products in 2022, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) said today.

One of the children has yet to be discharged from hospital due to his condition, the authority said in a press release outlining its efforts to curb the sale and supply of illegal health products last year.

The cases were reported through doctors or directly to HSA.

The authority added that these products were either bought online, in Singapore from a makeshift stall, or from overseas through friends or relatives and were marketed to meet various health and lifestyle needs.

Last year, HSA issued alerts on 12 illegal health products such as diaper rash creams, pain relief medication and a slimming supplement.

These products included unregistered or counterfeit ones, and those with potent medicinal ingredients or banned substances illegally added to them.

Ingredients such as dexamethasone and clobetasol propionate — both potent steroids...

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