Singapore approves Aevice Health's wearable stethoscope for respiratory monitoring

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Aevice Health has announced that its flagship medical device, a wearable stethoscope for respiratory health monitoring, has been approved by Singapore's Health Sciences Authority. 

The AI-powered wearable stethoscope AeviceMD, which is worn on the chest, continuously detects and records abnormal breath sounds, such as wheezing, and monitors vital signs including heart rate and respiratory rate. 

Based on a press statement, the monitoring device system has been approved for use in people aged three and above and in both clinical and home settings. 


Singapore has one of the highest asthma and COPD prevalences in the world. Asthma affects around 5% of adults and 20% of children in the country while COPD is one of the 10 major disease killers. 

With its remote health monitoring technology, Aevice Health aims to help reduce ED presentations and readmissions among patients dealing with these chronic respiratory diseases.  By providing health professionals with an overview of a patient's lung health, AeviceMD supports the early detection of potential exacerbations.

According to the company, it will use its HSA approval as a springboard to expand the reach of its technology to populations with high cases of respiratory diseases. 

"We are excited to leverage Singapore's strategic presence in Asia as a medical hub to bring this novel technology into new markets where there is a high prevalence of respiratory diseases," Aevice Health CEO Adrian Ang shared.


The market approval comes two years since Aevice Health first conducted a

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