Singapore Airlines flight from London diverted to Frankfurt due to issue with cabin pressure

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SINGAPORE: A Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight bound for Singapore from London’s Heathrow Airport was diverted to Frankfurt, Germany after an issue with cabin pressure was detected. 

Flight SQ317, an Airbus A380 aircraft, was carrying 379 passengers and 27 crew members on board, SIA said in a statement on Thursday (Nov 25). 

"The pilots decided to divert to Frankfurt as a precautionary measure after detecting a cabin pressurisation issue," said an airline spokesperson.

Despite the technical issue after take-off, no oxygen masks were deployed during the flight, said SIA.

Flight tracker FlightRadar24 showed that the flight departed Heathrow at about 11.20am (London time) and was scheduled to arrive in Singapore at 7.50am on Friday.

The carrier added that the flight “landed uneventfully” at Frankfurt Airport at about 2pm local time with all passengers and crew on board.

The aircraft was later grounded for repairs, and affected customers were assisted with hotel accommodation and meals. 

A relief flight, SQ9326, is scheduled to depart Singapore at 8am on Friday and arrive in Frankfurt at 2pm on the same day. 

The flight is expected to depart Frankfurt as SQ9325 at 3.55pm local time and arrive in Singapore at 11.05am on Saturday. 

FlightRadar24 said on Twitter that the flight jettisoned - or dumped - fuel while diverting to Frankfurt.

This procedure is used by aircraft in some emergency situations before returning to the airport shortly after takeoff, or if landing short of the intended destination, to reduce weight.

Media outlet AviationSource said the flight declared an emergency over Europe while en route to Singapore.

It quoted flight tracker website RadarBox as indicating a sharp descent, “potentially pressurisation or medical/priority emergency”.

At about 12.55pm (UK time), it noted that the flight was approaching Frankfurt Airport, where it landed safely shortly after.

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