Sin Heng Kee Porridge: Long Q, No Time To Think!

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In my previous musings on Hainanese Porridge, I questioned the fate of this traditional dish as it is mainly enjoyed by the silver generation whilest the young only sought solace in its comforting embrace during bouts of illness. Some readers agreed with my sentiments while others enthusiastically thrust Sin Heng Kee’s resounding success into the spotlight as living proof of Hainanese Porridge’s resilience.

Sin Heng Kee had been around for over a decade and I was surprised that it could have escaped my foodie radar for so long! According to the manager, they started as a stall in the coffee shop across the road and were attracting such long queues that they finally took over the present coffee shop a few years back.

The Dine-in Experience

Dining at Sin Heng Kee was quite an experience! As we approached the bustling eatery, my attention was immediately drawn to the rows of chairs lining one side. They were reserved for those eagerly awaiting their takeaway orders. On the other side were several communal tables where you can find sit down and satiate your hunger.

First-timers might be befuddled by the whole ordering system. At Sin Heng Kee, you just join the queue and a lady will come by with a cardboard notepad to advise you on seat availability. Then you’ll be assigned a number which you must show the lady at the counter when ordering your food. Once a seat is available, the lady (managing the queue) will direct you to it.

But it was the formidable lady at the ordering counter who truly stole the show. She kept the queue moving with unwavering efficiency. There was no room for dawdling or pondering menu options. My advice is to make full use of your time while in the queue to finalize your order. As once it is your turn, you will feel as if the doors of the train were just about to close. And you have to quickly make a decision whether to hop on boar...

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