Silvered Langur Seen In S’pore For 1st Time At Clementi, Public Should Keep A Distance

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Silvered Langur Seen By NUS Student At Clementi Woods Park, Scientists Will Search For Him This Week

Considering how much of a concrete jungle Singapore is, sightings of rare animals are usually received with enthusiasm by nature lovers.

So imagine the delight when news emerged of a never-seen-before species being spotted in Clementi Woods Park.

The animal in question was a silvered langur, seen by a lucky National University of Singapore (NUS) student.

The public is advised to keep their distance if they see it.

Student visited Clementi Woods Park on 5 Sep

In an Instagram post on 6 Sep, Mr Tony Ng said he was somewhere near Clementi Woods Park on the afternoon of 5 Sep.

Thus, he made a “last-minute decision” to visit the green space, which is across the road from NUS’ College of Design and Engineering.

He said he was pleasantly surprised by the amount of wildlife he found there, given how small the park is.

Student hears grunting from silvered langur in Clementi Woods Park

While Mr Ng was walking along the path, he heard repeated “grunting noises” and thought they were coming from wild boars at first.

However, he didn’t expect to come face to face with a monkey sitting alone atop branches.

As he couldn’t identify it and hadn’t seen this species before, he decided to consult Google.

It told him it was a silvered langur.

Clementi park’s silvered langur never been sighted in S’pore

Managing to snap a few photos, Mr Ng remarked how the species is found in West Malaysia but has never been sighted in Singapore before.

Thus, he supposed that it escaped from somewhere or swam over.

The final-year medical student later told The Straits Times (ST) that he spent a total of half an hour with the langur, and left it still “zoning out” on the tree.

He initially thought it was a Raffles’ banded langur, which is native to Singapore. However, he realised that it didn’t look like one at all.

Silvered langur not native to S’pore

The silvered langur is not native to Singapore, according to

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