SIA Plane From London Diverted To Germany Over Cabin Pressure Issue, Flight Rescheduled 1 Day Later

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Diverted SIA Flight Lands In Germany Over Cabin Pressure Issue

Estimated travel times rarely ever include the possibility of disruptions. But these Singapore-bound passengers had to suddenly factor that in yesterday (24 Nov).

Departing from London, the Singapore Airlines (SIA)  flight they were on had to divert to Frankfurt Airport in Germany due to a technical issue.

Several reports state that the cause of the diversion was a problem with the cabin pressure.

Singapore Airlines flight #SQ317 from London to Singapore is diverting to Frankfurt. The reason is currently unknown

— Flightradar24 (@flightradar24) November 24, 2022

After taking off at 11am, the same flight landed uneventfully at 2pm local time in Frankfurt.

The flight has undergone repairs, and passengers will board a relief flight, scheduled to arrive back in Singapore tomorrow (26 Nov).

Stranded passengers shown into hotels due to delay

According to The Straits Times (ST),  passengers on flight SQ317 were diverted to Frankfurt Airport on Thursday (24 Nov) as a precautionary measure.

Reports state that the aircraft experienced a cabin pressurisatio...

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