Sia Kee Duck Rice Review: Famous Duck Rice With 44-Year-Old Braise In Geylang

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Sia Kee Duck Rice has famous braised duck rice since 1979

It’s really unfortunate that when Geylang is in the spotlight, it’s the red light district’s less-than-savoury reputation that usually comes to mind. On my last trip there, I spent way too much time trying to convince my friend that taking shortcuts through the district’s side streets was worth it, but to no avail. But if you like duck rice, you might agree with my risk-taking ways–after all, we eventually found Sia Kee Duck Rice, said to be one of Singapore’s best duck rice stalls. 

Sia Kee was founded in 1979 by Oh Kim Seng, after gathering over a decade of experience at a Teochew braised duck stall. He quickly made a name for himself, as you’ll find via old newspaper articles carefully printed out and pasted on the stall’s glass window, showing the retired master at work. These days, the famous stall is run by his sons Albert, Lawrence, and Ron, who themselves have their own newspaper feature o...

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