SIA flight from London to S'pore diverted to Frankfurt due to technical issue

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Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight SQ317 from London to Singapore was diverted to Frankfurt, Germany, on Thursday, Nov. 24.

An SIA spokesperson confirmed that the flight was diverted to Frankfurt after take-off due to a technical issue.

The Airbus A380 aircraft was carrying 379 passengers and 27 crew.

The plane departed London before 7:20pm Singapore time.

The diversion occurred about 20 minutes into the flight.

This is my screenshot of when it happened earlier. Glad the plane made it to FRA.

— Shadow (@ShadowTheFloof) November 24, 2022

Tweets about the plane making a diversion appeared online at 8:15pm Singapore time.

The pilots made the decision to divert to Frankfurt as a precautionary measure after detecting a cabin pressurisation issue, SIA said.

Footage shot by a passenger inside the plane showed the fuel dumping process in preparation for the landing in Germany.

Dumping fuel

— Bea (@booooookks) November 24, 2022

Photographers on the ground also managed to capture footage of the fuel dumping.

Aktuell über dem Pfälzerwald. Flugzeug kam aus London.

— Holger Knecht / @
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