Shinjitsu Ramen Review: $6.50 Ramen With Whole Chicken Drumstick In A Toa Payoh Coffeeshop

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Shinjitsu Ramen at Toa Payoh

Unlike most Unlike most Singaporeans, I’m not an avid fan of ramen. I usually find the broth too salty and the noodles too alkaline for my liking. I do, however, love a great bargain. Thus, when I chanced upon Shinjitsu Ramen in a Toa Payoh coffeeshop, I became intrigued by its affordable prices. A whole chicken drumstick with ramen for less than $10—that’s a steal in my books.

Food at Shinjitsu Ramen

Since I was there for the Clear Chicken Broth ($6.50), I wasted no time diving into it. Punched with a scent of garlic, the tori chintan, or clear chicken soup in English, was incredibly flavourful. It had just the right amount of savouriness, while still remaining light on the palate, making this an instant hit at the table.

In terms of noodles, you’ll get thick strands of ramen. I found this to be more alkaline than I would have liked, but my colleague had no similar complaints.

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