SGX Securities Welcomes Singapore Institute Of Advanced Medicine Holdings Ltd To Catalist

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Date 16/02/2024

SGX Securities is pleased to welcome Singapore Institute of Advanced Medicine Holdings Ltd (SAM Holdings) to Catalist under the stock code “9G2”.

Singapore Institute of Advanced Medicine Holdings Ltd is a healthcare service provider using advanced technology for early and accurate diagnosis, offering appropriate treatments to achieve better outcomes and quality of life for its patients. It is primarily engaged in two key business segments: medical diagnostics and treatments, and radiation therapy and medical oncology services. It aims to create a comprehensive one-stop ambulatory cancer centre that integrates a variety of services for patients.

Dr Djeng Shih Kien, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Institute of Advanced Medicine Holdings Ltd, said, “Today marks a historic milestone for our company as we proudly announce our debut as the first listing in the Year of the Dragon. In a world where cancer looms large, we hope this listing will amplify our efforts to provide better healthcare treatment services using advanced technology to help our patients achieve better outcomes and improve their quality of life.”

Koh Jin Hoe, Head of Capital Markets, Global Sales and Origination, SGX Group, said, “We are delighted to welcome Singapore Institute of Advanced Medicine Holdings Ltd to SGX Catalist. Given the growing emphasis on quality healthcare, SAM Holdings’ ecosystem of medical specialists and its investment in cutting-edge technology position it favourably as a key player in the industry. We are confident SAM Holdings can leverage our platform to achieve its aspirations, contributing not only to its continued growth but also delivering significant value to the healthcare sector.”

With this listing, SGX Securities’ healthcare cluster has a total number of 44 listings with a combined market capitalisation of approximately S$35 billion[1].

The Singapore Institute of Advanced Medicine Holdings Ltd opened at S$0.195 today.

[1] As of December 2023

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