SGX Securities Welcomes LHN Logistics Limited To Catalist

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SGX Securities is pleased to welcome LHN Logistics Limited to Catalist under the stock code “GIH”.  

LHN Logistics Limited is a logistics services group with two principal business segments, transportation, and container depot services. The company is a spin-off of the logistics division of LHN Limited, a real estate management services group listed on Catalist. Since its establishment in 2003, LHN Logistics has grown into Singapore’s leading ISO tank logistics and transport service provider, with a regional footprint covering Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. It offers domestic and cross-border ISO tank and container transportation services for various petrochemical products, base oils, bitumen and bulk cargo, as well as provides customers with container storage, container surveying, container cleaning, and container repair and maintenance services. 

Kelvin Lim, Executive Chairman of LHN Logistics, commented, “We are proud to be able to present investors with unique opportunities offered by the logistics sector with the listing of LHN Logistics, as an independent entity alongside its parent company, LHN Limited.  LHN Logistics Limited comprises two principal business segments, namely The Transportation and Container Depot Services Business, of which the entry barrier has always been high.  With our expertise, our cross-border capacity, and our future ISO tank depot (to be operational in 2023), we are confident to fulfil our mission to create values for shareholders on a sustainable basis. The IPO listing no doubt will open the door to limitless opportunities for growth and investment. By having our own dedicated platform to raise capital, LHN Logistics Limited can further strengthen our position in the market, generate better valuation, as well as expand our operations to meet the surging demand in the region.” 

Mohamed Nasser Ismail, Global Head of Equity Capital Markets, SGX Group, said, “We are delighted to welcome LHN Logistics Limited to Catalist, offering it a platform to enhance its visibility and access to capital, while allowing its parent company LHN Limited the opportunity to enhance its market positioning. We look forward to our continuous partnership with the two companies as LHN Logistics embarks on its growth strategy to increase the scale of its operations, improve its value-added transportation services, and expand into new markets.” 

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