SGX posts 6% YoY growth in derivatives traded volume in December 

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Commodities and FX trade bolstered derivatives volume growth.

Singapore Exchange (SGX) saw a 6% YoY growth in its derivatives traded volume in December to reach 21.1 million contracts.

In the same month, derivatives daily average volume (DDAV) up 13% y-o-y at more than 1 million contracts.

SGX attributed the volume gains to increased commodities and forex derivatives trading.

SGX Commodity derivatives traded volume increased 45% YoY in December to 4.2m contracts.

For the October-to-December quarter, commodity derivatives volume climbed 50% YoY to 14.1m contracts, with gains across iron ore, freight, petrochemicals, and rubber derivatives.

Meanwhile, SGX FX futures traded volume also rose to 44% YoY in December to 4m contracts from the 13% YoY in the October-to-December quarter to 11.4m contracts.

For the October-to-December quarter, SGX FX’s combined over-the-counter (OTC) and futures average daily volume consistently surpassed $130b (US$100b).

In December 2023, SGX also saw an 18% MoM growth in the market turnover value of exchange-traded funds (ETF) to $277m.

On SGX Fixed Income, the amount issued from 86 new bond listings stood at $14.7b in December.

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