SFA Recalls Crayfish & Scallop Imported By Song Fish After Detecting High Cadmium Levels

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SFA Recall Crayfish & Half Shell Scallop Imported By Song Fish Dealer Pte Ltd

Singaporean foodies love to indulge in crayfish or scallops whenever the craving for seafood hits but take note of an ongoing recall by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA).

On Thursday (30 Jun), SFA issued a recall for crayfish and half shell scallop imported by Song Fish Dealer Pte Ltd. The agency detected the presence of cadmium, which exceeded the maximum limit imposed by Singapore Food Regulations.

Source: Singapore Food Agency on Facebook

While once-off consumption does not pose an immediate risk, prolonged exposure may lead to a variety of health-related issues.

SFA to recall crayfish & half shell scallop due to high cadmium levels

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