Seniors and students who take buses, trains often urged to use cheaper monthly travel passes

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SINGAPORE - Even as adult and concession card fares go up from Dec 23, the cost of monthly hybrid concession passes that can be used on both buses and trains will come down by up to 10 per cent.

The Public Transport Council (PTC) on Monday encouraged commuters in this group - including students, national servicemen and seniors - who travel frequently to buy monthly passes to cap their public transport expenses.

PTC chairwoman Janet Ang said the council hopes the lower prices “would encourage more heavy public transport users to consider purchasing a pass to help reduce their public transport costs by $4.50 to $9.50 per month”.

At a press conference to announce the fare adjustments on Monday, Ms Ang noted that there may not be enough awareness about the existence of adult monthly passes.

A monthly hybrid concession pass for low-wage workers - costing $32 less than an adult monthly travel pass - will also be rolled out from Dec 23.

About 60,000 commuters are expected to benefit from these changes. These include the 23,000 or so existing users of monthly passes as well as new users.

The hybrid passes allow unlimited travel on all modes of public transport, except express buses.

The new hybrid monthly concession pass for low-wage Workfare Transport Concession Scheme card holders will cost $96, 25 per cent cheaper than the adult monthly travel pass that they use now, which costs $128.

A spokesperson for the PTC said there are about 10,000 commuters who buy the adult monthly travel pass each month.

Apart from cheaper concession passes, public transport vouchers - each valued at $50 - will be given to eligible lower-income households to help...

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