Sen Yen: Get Old-School Charcoal-Grilled Kaya Toast And Kopi In Sin Ming

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The humble trifecta of coconut-and-egg jam, butter, and toasted bread has become one of Singapore’s most recognisable breakfast emblems since its creation during the colonial era. These days, you can get kaya toast at nearly every kopitiam, but very few still toast their bread the old-school way, atop charcoal, preferring the convenience of electric grills. Sen Yen Charcoal Traditional Toast in Sin Ming, however, is one of the rare gems still keeping this practice alive.

Image credit: @scottkeijitan

Located near Sin Ming Roti Prata, in Jin Fa Kopitiam, Sen Yen Charcoal Traditional Toast serves up charcoal-grilled kaya toast that fans praise for having an “old-school taste”. Instead of the generic thin and crispy brown toast slices, Sen Yen uses thick, fluffy white toast slices.

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You have the option of getting traditional toast, or crusty French bread to have with a generous dollop of house-made Hainanese kaya, and a generous slab of cold butter.

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