Scoot Resumes VTL Flights To Australia, Here’re Some Activities To Bookmark ASAP

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Scoot VTL flights to Australia

So we’ve just come off the freezing of Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) flight tickets. While ticket sales have quietly resumed, we’re going to shout it loud and proud that overseas holidays are now back on our to-do list this year. 

That’s because Scoot has just announced the resumption of VTL flights to Australia. Here are the prices and flight numbers to look out for. We promise this isn’t a sponsored post, we’re just ecstatic that we just may be able to wanderlust the heck out of 2022:   

Flights to Australia from AUD248 (S$239)

Blue Mountains

You only need to hold your breath for a couple of weeks, because Scoot’s VTL flights between Singapore and several Aus...

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