Scoot Has A New Pokémon-Themed Plane With Pikachu’s Face All Over & We Got To Have A Sneak Peek

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Pokémon-themed Scoot plane

What child of the ’90s doesn’t know Pikachu and gang? You probably woke up early on Saturday mornings to catch Ash, Brock, and Misty disrupting Team Rocket’s plans and spent all your pocket money on Pokémon Trading Cards looking for that elusive shiny Charizard.

If you’re still a Pokémon fan after all these years, then this piece of news is for you. Scoot has themed up with The Pokémon Company for a special Pokémon-themed plane. The Pikachu Jet TR made its debut on the Changi Airport runway on 30th August and we got to take a sneak peek. Here’s what we experienced:

Multi-sensory Pokémon experience onboard

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