Scholarship enables teen with financial struggles to read computing abroad

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True to its philosophy of providing equal opportunities to everyone, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University gave deserving students like him a chance to pursue further studies

As a teen, Mr Srijan Srivastava had always had a goal to attend a reputable research university. But he had to abandon his dream when his father had a paralysis attack in 2017.

Recalls the 23-year-old: “My high school years were literally the hardest I had ever studied, as I was determined to ace the challenging Joint Entrance Examination (in India, where I’m from) and enter an engineering college. But life had other plans for me.”

With the sole breadwinner of the family out of action, the then-18-year-old had to step up and work part-time to support his family instead of studying for his exams. In addition, most of the family’s savings that had been painstakingly set aside for his education had been wiped out in a matter of months.

In the midst of the challenges, Mr Srijan saw a glimpse of hope. There was still another shot for him to achieve his academic ambition.

He says: “I then found out about the scholarship schemes offered by other countries and cities, among which Hong Kong stood out as the most promising. The Undergraduate Entry Scholarship with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) was simple to apply for – the application and interview could be done online easily – and all I had to do was keep my grades up in school.”

PolyU, an equal opportunity advocate, offers various types of scholarships to local and non-local students who are outstanding not just in grades, but also those with special talents such as in sports or leadershi...

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