Scared of Induction Cooking? It’s Going to Be OK

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People love cooking with gas, whether it's in a restaurant, where gas stoves are ubiquitous, or in home kitchens, where they range from extremely basic to quite tony. If you're looking for something that's considered a fancy and sexy performer, a gas stove can feel like the only option.

Thing is, a set of laws are slowly moving through the United States that aim to sunset the use of gas stoves for environmental and health reasons. And while few people will miss their gas ovens, they're kinda grieving the potential loss of their gas burners. I see this in the course of my work as a kitchen tech reviewer, where I'm regularly asked something like, “Should I get a gas stove while I still can?” The FOMO is weirdly palpable, but as someone who's been using an induction stovetop for the last five years, I'm here to tell you that if you switch to induction burners, it's going to be OK. In fact, you might be amazed at how well induction works. You might even come to love it.

Most of us cook on what we know, what we grew up with—or like me, what was there when we moved into a new place. In the US, that's usually gas or electric. But if we want a fancy new range, something we aspire to, something the pros use or something our trendy friends use, it's gas. When I was a kid, Mom cooked on a yellow GE stove with the electric coils that glowed orange when hot. She graduated to a fancier Jenn-Air with those solid French-style burners that were trendy but slow to heat. When that stove fizzled out, she upgraded to a nice gas range that, especially compared to its predecessor, was fast and fun.

Induction never really got the star treatment in the United States. Th...

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