SBS Bus Passenger Occupies 4 Seats, S’poreans Argue It’s Okay If Vehicle Is Empty

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SBS Bus Passenger Occupies 4 Seats With Leather & Plastic Bags

Those who take the public buses in Singapore would know how much of a ‘squeeze’ it can be during rush hours.

However, if the buses are relatively empty, you’d be forgiven if you got a little ‘loose’ around the seats.

Recently, a picture of a passenger occupying four seats on the bus, placing bags of groceries on empty seats, seemed to have riled up some Singaporeans.

A discussion soon ensued in the comments section of the viral Facebook post, with some netizens pointing out that it was okay as long as there were no other passengers around.

SBS bus passenger occupies 4 priority seats with bags

On Friday (5 Aug), a photo of an SBS bus passenger occupying four seats with various bags was uploaded on the Singapore Incidents Facebook page.

As seen in the photo, the lady in a purple dress was seen sitting on the bus’s priority seats, often seen on the first level of double-decker buses.

To her right is her leather bag and on her...

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