SBS Bus Captain Allegedly Scolds Wheelchair User & Drives Dangerously ‘In Anger’, Company Apologises

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SBS Transit denied allegations of forceful ramp deployment & dangerous driving.

By - 4 Feb 2023, 10:57 am

SBS Bus Captain Allegedly Loses His Cool At Elderly Wheelchair User

Travelling as a wheelchair user can be difficult, especially when one requires assistance to board or alight from a vehicle.

An elderly wheelchair user and her daughter found themselves faced with an impatient bus captain who allegedly raised his voice at them as they were trying to board SBS Transit bus 147, which departs from Hougang interchange.

A passenger who witnessed the incident took to the Complaint Singapore Facebook group to recount what happened.

While SBS Transit apologised for the driver’s behaviour, the company denied allegations that he had driven dangerously.

SBS bus driver scolds wheelchair user & daughter

In her post, Facebook user Mrs Lim shared that a woman had approached the bus captain at Hougang interchange as she needed the ramp to push her mother, a wheelchair user, onto the bus.

However, instead of being understanding, the bus captain allegedly scolded the pair in Mandarin. Mrs Lim claimed that he blamed them for not letting him know earlier, causing him...

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