Sambae – Tasty Sambal Stingray Rice Bowls in Ang Mo Kio!

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Posted on April 29th, 2022

To me, sambal stingray has always been a sharing dish among friends due to their portions. Now, thanks to newcomer Sambae, we can enjoy a well-proportioned stingray even if we are dining alone! Sambae’s sambal stingray rice bowls are designed to satiate your cravings without you having to worry about finding people to divide and conquer the dish with. 

Conveniently located within the Ang Mo Kio heartlands, the stall is run by the ambitious 24-year-old Noel Phua. The young hawker’s got a few accolades and is trained in culinary arts. He has a Nitec cert in Asian Culinary Arts and placed third in the ASEAN Skills Competition, and has worked as a line cook in restaurants. 

As for the inspiration behind his menu choices, it turns out that Noel had shared the same concerns as I did about sambal stingray portions. Driven by that and a desire to incorporate local elements into the rice bowl trend, he sought out the advice of his brother-in-law, who owns a stall himself, about the know-hows of setting up a stall of his own. 

All that was left after that was namin...

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