Saluting Frog Mascot Chases Mixue Snowman At Paya Lebar Square, Latter Deflates In Defeat

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Saluting Frog Mascot And Mixue Snowman Finally Meet At Paya Lebar Square

Recently, the viral saluting frog from China made rounds in social media after it was sighted at Bugis and Paya Lebar.

A few eager commenters quipped that they wanted to see the mascot have a showdown with ‘Snow King’, Mixue’s snowman mascot.

Well, their wishes have been made a reality, as the two mascots apparently crossed paths yesterday (25 May).

A TikTok user chanced upon their encounter and shared the much-anticipated meeting.

@fifibunnie mixue x douyin frog collab #tiktoksg #fyp ♬ cupid – aura ! (✿˘˘✿)

In a hilarious turn of events, Snow King melted in defeat after falling and being chased around.

Saluting frog mascot chases Mixue snowman

In the video, the saluting frog mascot can be seen running toward Snow King from afar.

As it approached, Snow King also took off running, or rather, speed-waddling.

Both mascots’ bouncing bodies made the chase even more adorable for the amused onlookers.

The gathering crowd did not stop the pair from continuing their chase as they wove through the bystanders.

At one point, the saluting frog mascot managed to grab onto its opponen...

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