Singaporean bodybuilder Amanda Lee, who won the NPC Worldwide British Bodybuilding Championships in July, tells CNA about chasing an unorthodox dream.

Singaporean Amanda Lee won the 2022 NPC Worldwide British Bodybuilding Championships. (Photo: Amanda Lee/baileyimage)

SINGAPORE: Amanda Lee’s honeymoon in Paris was one unlike any other.

Before sunrise each day, she had her first cardio session.

While others chomped down on the hotel's sumptuous breakfast buffet, her first meal of the day consisted of five to six egg whites. Instead of dining at chic cafes and fancy restaurants in Paris, she had all five meals for the day packed in lunch boxes.

In between exploring the city with her husband, Lee would try to squeeze in a midday workout at the gym. If not, she would hit the gym in the evening and have a cardio session before an early night's rest.

Days bef...