S’porean Actor Wahid Satay Passes Away Aged 93, Known For Sense Of Humour Even At Old Age

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Singaporean Actor Wahid Satay Dies Of Old Age At 93 Years Old

On Monday (22 May), Singaporean actor Wahid Satay passed away in his home at Eunos Crescent, aged 93.

Berita Harian reports that he died from gangrene and heart disease.

A veteran actor in the industry, Wahid has had a celebrated career with more than 30 films, such as ‘Pontianak’ and ‘Senario XX’.

Legendary actor & comedian Wahid Satay passes away at 8.15am

According to The New Straits Times, Wahid passed away at around 8.15am on 22 May.

Previously, he had been at Changi General Hospital around two weeks ago for treatment of a bacterial infection in his leg.

His granddaughter, Mahirah Mohd Yassin, relayed news of his passing via a message on WhatsApp.

His body will be transported to Pusara Aman at around 1pm.

Career included more than 30 films

Born in Indonesia before migrating to Singapore, Wahid, whose real name is Abdul Wahid Ahmad, started as an assistant art director at Cathay-Keris Productions.

Attracting attention due to his sense of humour, he began receiving opportunities to be in films. Wahid then rose to fame with one of his earliest acting roles in a Cathay-Keris film, ‘Pontianak’.

Released back in 1957, it was a smash hit.

Throughout a successful five-decade career, Wahid added more than 30 movies to his impressive repertoire. This included well-known films such as ‘Badang’, ‘Satay&r...

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