S’pore Woman Rushes Getai Stage In Bedok & Grabs Microphone, Later Apologises For Actions

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Apparently Drunk Woman Climbs On Getai Stage & Complains That She Doesn’t Understand Songs

Getai has made a welcome return to Singapore this Hungry Ghost Festival after two years of suspension due to pandemic restrictions.

Traditionally, the shows are expected to be attended by supernatural visitors.

However, one getai in Bedok was subjected to an intrusion of the human kind when a woman rushed the stage and grabbed the microphone.

Later, she apologised for her actions.

Incident took place in front of 300

The bizarre incident took place on Wednesday (3 Aug), at a getai near Bedok South Market and Food Centre, reported the Shin Min Daily News.

A three-hour show was being held that night, with some 300 people in the audience enjoying the return of famous getai performers like Hao Hao.

Halfway through the show, a singer named “Xianhong” (or “Fresh Red”) from China’s Jiangxi province took the stage.

Woman enters getai stage yelling

Xianhong was about to sing her second song when a middle-aged woman came up to the stage, yelling for her to stop.

She also attempted to seize the microphone from the unfortunate singer, at one point holding on to its head with her hand.

Talk about a bad audience reception.

Obviously, the show was stopped in its tracks, and host Li Peifen shouted for security.

Woman persuaded off getai stage

Thankfully, both Li and Xianhong managed to persuade the woman to get off the stage.

To dispel the awkward atmosphere, Xianhong jokingly “blamed” Li for the fracas.

The duo then finished singing the next song together.

Later, Xianhong told the media that this was the first time she’d encountered such an incident after years of performing.

Though she professed not to know why the woman was so agitated, she said she smelt alcohol on her.

Woman had requested for Hokkien songs

The woman later explained to Shin Min why she’d rushed the sta...

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