S’pore Woman Exposes Husband On Social Media For Allegedly Cheating On Her & Neglecting Family

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Woman In Singapore Calls Out Cheating Husband For Neglecting Family

While getting married is a blessing, it’s also a life-changing oath that requires us to adapt to new responsibilities.

On top of being loyal to your partner, you also need to be accountable for your children if you decide to have any.

Sadly, we often hear stories of people who fail to deliver on their promises and betray their partners and offspring.

This appears to be the case for one Singaporean woman who recently exposed her cheating husband via social media.

Source: Facebook

In her Facebook post, she alleges that he has been seeing another woman and neglecting her and their son after being uncontactable for six months.

Woman claims cheating husband has been missing for six months

In a Facebook post uploaded on Saturday (18 Jun), the OP put out her husband’s name and wrote he had been missing for the past half year.

According to the caption, her husband is a Chinese man with Singaporean PR status.

After being uncontactable for six months, it appears that the OP tracked her husband down at Changi Airport, who was supposedly returning from Bangkok.

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