S'pore teachers won't teach English in M'sian schools, will volunteer in disadvantaged areas instead: Anwar

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Malaysian Prime Minister (PM) Anwar Ibrahim has clarified that Malaysia is not inviting Singaporean teachers to teach English in Malaysian schools, but is asking them to volunteer in disadvantaged areas.

Anwar was speaking at a Malaysian Public Service Department event in Putrajaya on Jun. 14.

He also revealed other aspects of the discussions he had with PM Wong, including discussions about the Johor economic zone, as well as investment and trade initiatives.

Wrong facts

According to the New Straits Times, Anwar clarified on Jun. 14 that his government is not considering hiring Singaporean teachers.

Anwar dismissed rumours on social media which he said had “the wrong facts”.

Anwar said he and PM Wong had discussed a possible scheme where teachers from Singapore would assist and volunteer in rural areas in Sabah and Sarah to teach English.

The Malay Mail quoted Anwar as saying Bahasa Malaysia was the language of instruction and the official language in Malaysia.

But the Malaysian government also wants to "emphasise English", and therefore Anwar asked PM Wong if there was a way for Singapore to help.

The Malay Mail reported a slightly different version of the scheme, saying Anwar had discussed with PM Wong a possible aid scheme, or appointment of volunteers, paid for by the Singaporean government, to teach English in poor urban and rural areas.

Anwar added that his goal was to build a good rapport with neighbouring countries, including Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, and Indonesia; and that the proposed scheme was a way to build good relations.

Introductory visit

On Jun. 11 and 12, Singaporean Prime Minister Lawrence Wong had made his

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