S’pore-Registered Ferrari Crashes Into Car In Johor Causing Latter To Flip, Authorities Investigating

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Singapore-Registered Ferrari Rear-Ends Toyota Camry In Johor Accident

It’s always concerning when accidents happen on highways where traffic is relatively fast.

Recently, a luxury supercar with a Singapore-registred license plate crashed into a Toyota sedan on the North-South Expressway in Malaysia.

Thankfully, the victims in the damaged Toyota reportedly escaped with minor injuries.

Ferrari driver loses control & collides with car in Johor

According to Malaysian news site Kosmo!, the accident occurred in Johor, Malaysia on Friday (17 Mar) morning.

The accident reportedly involved a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and a Toyota Camry.

Based on the report, the male Ferrari driver lost control of his vehicle while driving along the North-South Expressway.

He subsequently rear-ended the Camry, causing it to flip off the road.

Muar District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Raiz Mukhliz Azman Aziz said the Ferrari was driven by a 22-year-old Singaporean man.

He also revealed that the driver had been on the way to Kuala Lumpur when he lost control of his car,

As a result of the accident, both vehicles skidded to the right of the road.

Passengers sustain minor injuries

Despite the state of the Toyota sedan, its four passengers only sustained minor injuries.

The four passengers were Malaysian men in their 50s, reports 8world News.

However, there was no news about the state of t...

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