S’pore Purifier Company Called Out For ‘Unethical’ Ad Claiming Tap Water Contains Bacteria

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A microbiologist taking his PhD at NTU debunked the company's claims.

By - 6 Feb 2024, 10:00 pm

Student Debunks Claims By Purifier Company That Tap Water Contains Bacteria

A local air and water purifier company recently faced backlash for claiming that tap water in Singapore contains bacteria in an online advertisement.

After the ad made its rounds on social media, a microbiology student at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) took to Instagram to debunk the claims.

He pointed out that the advertisement was “unethical”, calling out the firm for its “scare tactics.”

Student debunks claims by purifier company on tap water

Last Thursday (1 Feb), Instagram user Clarence Sim posted a video debunking the claims the firm made regarding the purity of tap water in Singapore.

He started the video by stating that he came across the advertisement the day before on Facebook.

Clarence then said he was calling the company out for fake news and using scare tactic ads, before showing a part of their advertisement.

In the ad, a voice-over claimed that tap water might not be as clear as it seems. Rather, the company alleged that it contains a “bustling city” of bacteria.

He then paused the video, before explaining that the microscopic view of the bacteria probably came from a sample ext...

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