S’pore Police Officer Seen Adjusting Blue Tent In Pouring Rain, Netizens Praise Respectful Gesture

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Police Officer In Singapore Adjusts Blue Tent To Protect Body From Rain

A video of a police officer adjusting a blue tent in the pouring rain has earned praise from many.

Those who came across the video were impressed by the respect and decorum he showed the deceased.

A TikTok user uploaded the footage to the video-sharing platform on Saturday (18 Mar). The video was also shared on the Singapore Incidents Facebook page.

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Police officer adjusts blue tent in the rain

The police officer can be seen walking into the pouring rain towards the blue tent at the start of the clip.

He was without an umbrella, a raincoat, or anything that could shield him from the rain.

He adjusts the blue tent in the middle of what looks to be a driveway of an HDB estate. Presumably, the tent is covering the body of a deceased person.

The officer even peeks inside the tent to ensure that the body is sufficiently shielded from the elements.

Enlists help to secure blue tent from wind

Pulling at the corners of the tent, he appears to speak to someone...

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