'S'pore of Medan': Indonesian town builds Merlion statue, Fountain of Wealth & ERP gantry

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For many, the name "Singapore" will bring to mind the sunny island set in the sea nestled below Malaysia and above the equator.

However, for some in Medan, "Singapore" instead refers to a residential estate located 20 minutes' drive away from the capital of Indonesia's North Sumatra Province's city centre.

Replicas of iconic structures

This curious place is called the Singapore of Medan, and for good reason — it contains some familiar names and structures found on real Singapore.

It appears that the area has been built with features to mimic the island-state, including its own Merlion Park with a Merlion statue.

The resemblance is uncanny.

Photo from ASEAN Skyline / FB

Photo from ASEAN Skyline / FB

What could possibly be a replica of the fat bird statue by Colombian artist Fernando Botero, which is located at Raffles Place, can also be found there.

Photo from Citraland Gama City website

Along with a red-coloured version of Suntec City's Fountain of Wealth.

Photo from Citraland Gama City website

And of course, Singapore wouldn't be Singapore without Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantries, something which the Indonesian developers did not fail to include.

The gantries in the Singapore of Medan are likely not operational.

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