S’pore Man Pleads Guilty To Murdering Wife In Newcastle Hotel, Faces Life Imprisonment

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Singaporean Man Pleads Guilty To Murder Of Wife In Newcastle Hotel Case

There’s been another development in the headline-making trial of Fong Soong Hert, the Singaporean accused of murdering his wife in England last year.

He initially denied a murder charge, pleading guilty to the lesser crime of manslaughter instead.

S’porean Man Admits To Manslaughter Of Wife In Newcastle Hotel, Denies Murder Charge

Then, on Tuesday (9 Aug), he changed his plea and admitted to murdering his wife.

Fong now faces life imprisonment for his actions and will be sentenced on Friday (12 Aug).

Man pleads guilty to Newcastle hotel murder

The Straits Times (ST) reports that on Tuesday (9 Aug), Fong, 51, pleaded guilty to murdering his wife of 28 years, Madam Pek Ying Ling.

Madam Pek was found dead in a Newcastle hotel in December last year.

On the first day of the trial on Monday (1 Aug), it was revealed that Fong, 51, had “lost it” and smothered Madam Pek with a pillow to stop her from nagging him.

Fong initially admitted to manslaughter but denied the more serious murder charge.

However, the proceedings took a turn on Tuesday (9 Aug), the fifth day of the trial.

That morning, Fong took some time to deliberate with his attorneys.

This caused a delay in the trial by an hour and a half.

When the session finally started, Judge Paul Sloan informed the jury that Fong had switched his plea to guilty.

The judge said the change had come after the defence had reviewed the evidence and consulted with expert witnesses.

Fong’s attorneys acknowledged that the defence of “diminished responsibility” that they needed to reduce the charge to manslaughter would not hold up in court. This caused Fong to change his plea.

It is accepted that the defendant is guilty of murder and that is why this morning he has tendered that plea before you.

Judge Sloa...

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