S'pore electricity bills to increase by average 8% from Jul. to Sep. 2022

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Home and building owners have to brace themselves for larger electricity bills in the coming months.

According to SP Group, electricity tariffs will rise by an average of 8. 1 per cent from July to September 2022.

CNA reported the group citing "higher energy cost driven by rising global gas and oil prices exacerbated by the conflict in Ukraine" as a reason for the increase.

This is the sixth consecutive quarter of increase, CNA reported.

According to SP Group, for an average monthly consumption per customer of 370kWh, a 4-room flat will incur an average monthly bill of S$111.63. That is S$8.25 more than the current average monthly bill of S$103.38.

Owners of 1-room to 3-room HDB flats can expect an increase of S$3.23 to S$5.98 for their monthly bill in the coming three months.

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