S'pore bus & train adult fares to go up by S$0.10-S$0.11 from Dec. 23, 2023

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From Dec. 23, 2023, adult fares for bus and train rides will go up by 10 to 11 cents, depending on the journey's distance.

For journeys 4.2km or shorter, expect to pay S$0.10 more.

For journeys longer than 4.2km, expect to pay S$0.11 more.

The fare increments were announced by the Public Transport Council (PTC) on Sep. 18 after the conclusion of its annual Fare Review Exercise (FRE).

Concession fare hikes capped at 4 to 5 cents

For concession fares enjoyed by students and seniors, the fare increase is capped at S$0.04 to S$0.05 and varies depending on the journey's distance.

For journeys 4.2km or shorter, the increase will be S$0.04.

For journeys longer than 4.2km, the increase will be S$0.05.

These adjustments apply to concession fares for lower-wage workers and persons with disabilities as well.

There will be no changes to the price of adult monthly travel pass and the bus or train monthly concession passes.

Adult cash fares, which are still accepted for bus rides, will increase by S$0.20.

Concessionary cash fares for bus rides will increase by S$0.10.

The new fare structure will take effect on Dec. 23, 2023.

Support provided for concessionary groups

Alongside the fare increase announcement, PTC shared that it will provide "greater support" for heavy users of public transport who belong to concessionary groups.

These groups are namely students, seniors, and full-time national servicemen

It will do so by reducing the prices of hybrid bus and train monthly concession passes by up to 10 per cent.

Additionally, PTC shared that the government will reduce the price of monthly concession pass for persons with disabilities from S$64 to S$58.

The government will also introduce a new hybrid concession pass, priced at S$96, for Workfare Transport Concession Scheme card holders to help lower-wage workers.

This is cheaper than the normal adult monthly travel pass, and the government will bear the cost of the discount, PTC said.

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