S’pore Bakery Puts Telegram Stickers On Cakes So You Can Say How You Really Feel

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Singapore Bakery NÜL Makes Cute Customised Cakes With Telegram Stickers On Them

If you’re a Telegram user, most of your conversations are probably peppered with loads of stickers. Like emojis, these help one to express their feelings succinctly.

One popular sticker pack you may have seen features the adorable Quby, who basically looks like a sentient little mochi.

If you have an upcoming occasion and have been thinking of adding this squishy figure to a cake, you’re in luck.

One bakery in Singapore is able to make customised cakes with Quby and other characters on them.

Available in different designs & flavours

NÜL is a home-based bakery in Singapore that makes customised cream cakes.

All their products are made to order and, as one can see from scrolling through their online catalogue or Instagram feed, simple yet utterly adorable.

One of the series, called ‘Sticker Pack’, features Quby – or at least a Quby-like figure – in a variety of poses and outfits.

They’re available as four-inch buttercream cakes and come in a variety of flavours including chocolate, ondeh ondeh, earl grey lavender, and strawberry shortcake.

Customers are also able to add their own messages.

These can range from the standard “happy birthday” wishes to cheekier personal statements.

Some earlier examples the bakery shared are “talk 30 to me”, presumably for someone entering the third decade ...

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