RSAF gain first-hand experience with Australian air force’s F-35As in training exercise

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SINGAPORE - Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) airmen had a two-day training exercise with the Royal Australian Air Force’s (RAAF) F-35 Joint Strike Fighter crew to learn more about the fighter jet’s capabilities and how to integrate it into warfighting systems.

The fifth-generation stealth fighter, manufactured by American defence contractor Lockheed Martin, is considered to be the world’s most modern fighter jet.

RSAF’s fourth-generation fighter jets, the F-15SGs and F-16s, flew alongside the RAAF’s F-35As in the southern reaches of the South China Sea, within international airspace, during the Dissimilar Air Combat Training on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Apart from flying training, personnel from the two air forces had a symposium to discuss various topics such as the integration of fifth-generation and fourth-generation fighters to enhance operational capabilities, as well as F-35 engineering and maintenance requirements.

RSAF commanding officer of 142 Squadron, Lieutenant-Colonel Max Ng, said: “This gave us a better understanding of the F-35s and how it can be integrated into the Singapore Armed Forces’ warfighting systems.

“In my view, it was beneficial and successful for both air forces, from understanding operational intricacies of inducting new capabilities, to professional exchanges based on first-hand experiences.”

RSAF said in a Facebook post on Thursday that its close bilateral relationship with the RAAF allowed personnel to gain technical knowledge and learn about best practices to factor into its F-35 operationalisation plans.

“We also talked about personal and collective challenges for both air forces, and how we could help each other out in various ways,” said the RAAF commanding officer of 75 Squadron, Wing Commander Martin Parker, adding that it was a privilege to be in Singapore.

The Ministry of Defence announced in 2019

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