Root Awakening: Umbrella Tree sapling needs bigger pot to grow

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Umbrella tree sapling will need a bigger pot

What plant is this? Does it need a bigger place to grow? Wong Mun Wai

Your plant is commonly called the Umbrella Tree and its botanical name is Heptapleurum actinophyllum. At its current size, the sapling can be grown in the pot shown in the picture, which will limit its growth.

However, it can grow into a large tree if it has enough soil volume. Large specimens are planted in Singapore's parks and gardens. As the roots of the plant fill the pot, it will need to be watered more regularly as it will dry out faster.

Chilli plant infested with broad mites, may have viral disease

My chilli plant used to be green and bushy. Two weeks ago, its leaves turned yellow and spotty, and the young leaves became black. What is wrong?

Lih Shyan

Your chilli plant appears to be infested with broad mites. These microscopic pests destroy young growing plants and cause existing leaves to become distorted. You can manage them by spraying the plant with lime sulphur or sulphur soap solution.

Also, the leaves' irregular yellow colour indicates that your plant may have been infected with a viral disease. Infected plants should be discarded.

Viral diseases are spread by sucking insects such as whiteflies, which are a common pest of the chilli plant. It is vital to manage any infestation promptly by spraying the plant with castile soap solution, pyrethrins and summer oil. These can be rotated to reduce insecticide resistance, and regular and thorough applications are required.

Dragon-tail plant belongs to araceae family

I saw this in a planter at the overhead bridge linking Holland Drive to Ghim Moh. What plant is this?

Gail Lim

This is the Dragon-Tail Plant, which is botanically known as Epipremnum pinnatum and belongs to the Araceae family, the same one as the Anthurium.

This climbing plant attaches its...

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