Root Awakening: Sessile joyweed thrives in the sun

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Sessile joyweed is a common medicinal plant

What are these purple plants? They sprouted in the pots of my other plants and seem to be growing wild quickly.

James Goh

The plant is the sessile joyweed (botanical name: Alternanthera sessilis). This herb thrives in sunny conditions and moist soil, and is easily propagated via stem cuttings.

It is a medicinal plant that is commonly grown here. Research shows that the plant has anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and cholesterol-lowering properties in animal subjects.

It can be removed if you have no use for it or find it a nuisance.

Check rubber plant’s roots; rotate regularly

One of my rubber plants has drooping leaves and the other has leaves on only one side. What is wrong?

Joanne Ong Bee Guat

The drooping leaves may be a sign that your rubber plant is not getting enough water. Water it regularly, especially if the plant is grown in a sunny spot where water evaporates faster and the plant’s transpiration rate is high. 

The plant may also be unable to take up water. Have its roots been disturbed lately, such as by repotting?

Carefully remove the plant from its pot and examine its roots. Healthy roots should be white and firm.

Soil-borne pests like root mealy bugs, as well as disease brought about by poor drainage, can leave roots unable to take up water.

In such instances, you have to kill the pests or cut the diseased or dead roots, and repot the plant in a well-draining soil mix. Let the plant recover in a cool but bright area for a few weeks before moving it to a spot for optimal growth.

As for your asymmetrical plant, it may be that light is coming from only one direction – for instance, if your plant is placed directly next to a wall – and your plant has not been rotated.

Plant is the rattleweed

What is this plant? I found a ...

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