Root Awakening: Jambu plant may have spider mites

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Jambu plant may be infested by spider mites

What is the reason the leaves of my jambu plant keep dropping and turning yellow?

Ng Wai Lam

Examine the affected leaves closely using a magnifying glass, if necessary, and see if you can spot small red moving dots. These are spider mites that may be causing the speckled marks on the plant’s leaves. Spider mite infestations are common on plants grown in dry high-rise environments, which are also devoid of natural predators of the pest.

If they are indeed spider mites, spray the plant thoroughly with dilute sulphur soap or a lime sulphur solution, which will suffocate and kill the mites. Several applications are often required to provide adequate control.

On a regular basis, hose your plant down to remove pests. This is a chemical-free method to keep plants pest-free.

Stem of curry leaf plant may be infested by scale insects; okra has nutrient deficiency

The stem of my curry leaf plant has a white layer, and the leaves of my lady’s finger plant have changed to light green. Why is this happening?

Padma Adhikesavan

Use a soft toothbrush to try to gently scrap the white coating off the stem of your curry leaf plant.

Check the material using a magnifying glass to see if they are scale insects, which are common pests found on woody perennial plants. If they are, use the toothbrush to remove them, but take care not to injure your plant.

After that, apply summer oil insecticide all over the plant to suffocate the remaining pests. Several applications on a regular basis should provide some control.

As for your lady’s finger, the chlorotic older leaves are a sign the plant has a mobile nutrient deficiency, most likely that of magnesium. Use a fertiliser that contains magnesium. A chemical salt-based, water-soluble fertiliser or Epsom salt solution may help.

Also, ensure your soil has some organic matter, is aerated, well-drained and not compacted for optimal root growth and function.

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