RHT Health Trust delists from SGX-ST

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It took effect on 31 January, 9 am.

RHT Health Trust has officially been delisted from Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited, effective 9 am on 31 January.

In a disclosure, RHT Health Trust’s manager said the RHT unit held by the Central Depository as of the delisting date will be withdrawn and confirmation notes will be issued to unitholders, confirming the units they hold. 

This will serve as a certificate evidencing title to the units.

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On 4 July, RHT announced that it will no longer seek an extension to maintain its listing status, citing various factors such as it will no longer use the platform for any fundraising activity or the injection of new business.

It also said that the costs of listing outweigh the benefits to unitholders.

The Trust announced on 25 January that the SGX-ST had no objections to the proposed delisting.

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