Restoran Woon Kiang: Kway Teow Kia In JB That’s Open Till 3:30AM

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Restoran Woon Kiang in JB

When you think of braised pig offal, you’d think: kway chap—but across the Causeway, a similar spread is known as kway teow kia, and there’s no place to better acquaint yourself with this popular Johor street nosh than at Restoran Woon Kiang.

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that kway teow kia equals thin kway teow, because that’s the carb that takes the spotlight here, and which you should order alongside the various braised meats and innards.

Served in a bowl of light yet robust, slightly herbal broth that’s supposedly a mix of both stock and braising zhup, the noodles are super smooth and silky. The bowl also comes topped with shallots and lard bits, which add a welcome fragrance to each mouthful. When the kway teow has sat in the broth for a bit, it tastes even better.

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